birthdayforknittersIf you're looking for a birthday gift for a knitter, no doubt you want to show your knitter just how much you love what they make for you. You want to find a gift that appreciates the thought, time and effort your loved one takes to make beautiful hand-knitted presents. Birthdays are the perfect opportunity to get a knitter something special that they may not pick out for themselves. Fortunately there are a ton of unique gifts just for knitters that will make you look like a rock star when the knitter you love opens their birthday present.

The best birthday presents for knitters are ones that will make knitting even more enjoyable for them, but what could possible make knitting even more fun?


 Luxury Knitting Needles

addilaceThe best knitting needles are a sets in interchangeable knitting needles that include every needle size available, along with connecting cords of various sizes to accommodate any knitting project. There are many different interchangeable knitting needle sets available. Do check out our interchangeable knitting needle guide if you want a more comprehensive review, however here are three different sets, one in each price range that will knock your knitter's socks off.

Denise Interchangeable Knitting Needles

Knitter's Pride Dreamz Interchangeable Knitting Needles

Addi Click Turbo Interchangeable Knitting Needles

Lantern Moon Rosewood Interchangeable Knitting Needles


 A Well Organized Knitting Bag

namasteharlowbagEvery knitter needs multiple knitting bags and the tools to keep them well organized. The best way to keep your knitting bag manageable is to have smaller bags to carry projects, notions and knitting needles. You have project bags, which keep your projects from getting tangled with the rest of your knitting stuff. Then you have mini notions bags, which hold your measuring tapes, tapestry needles, row counters and stitch markers. Add in a needle case to make sure your knitting needles stay together and you have an unforgettable birthday present for a knitter.

The dream knitting bag birthday gift could include:

The Namaste Harlow Bag

Della Q Project Bags

Lantern Moon Knitting Needle Cases

Della Q Notions Bag


 Fine Yarn

cascadealpacalaceIf you're going to buy yarn for a knitter as a birthday present, you have to go for the good stuff. Don't just go to Michael's or Joann's. Knitters can go there anytime they want. Birthdays are special and they give you the opportunity to get something a little different than what your knitter is used to. You don't even have to spend a ton of money. There are amazing yarns out there for as little as $5.75/skein that will result in heirloom style hand knits.

Here are some excellent quality yarns that will make your knitter smile:

Cascade 220 sport

Cascade Alpaca Lace

Cascade Fixation Cotton Yarn

Trekking XXL Sock Yarn

Rowan Cashsoft


 Quality Swift and Winder

317Z-GqQmrLWhat the heck are these goofy contraptions? A swift and winder when used in combination allow knitters to wind skeins of yarn into balls. This is required because you can't knit from a skein. If you do you'll just end up with a nasty pile of tangles that will take hours or days to fix. A swift and winder saves hours of time. Instead of winding balls yourself, wrapping the yarn around a chair (or your hands) you use this nifty little machine and you have multiple balls of yarn in a matter of minutes.

Royal Winder



  Knitting Magazine Subscriptions to Inspire

interweaveknitsSure, knitters can check out knitting patterns til the cows come home on ravelry, but knitting magazines offer a knitting fantasy land with on trend styles, technique tutorials and knitting designer profiles. They're a great way to enjoy knitting without actually knitting anything.

Interweave Knits

Vogue Knitting


Knit Simple


These gifts will make any knitter happy on their birthday. Check out some of our other great gift recommendations: Top Knitting Gifts on Amazon and Our favorite non-knitting gifts for knitters.

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