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Once again we're celebrating the best gifts from knitters from A to Z and we're at the letter E. Today E stands for Everything Mary. Everything Mary is a crafts brand that came out in the last couple years, making affordable knitting accessories including knitting bags, yarn caddies and even needle cases in bold graphic prints. Each piece is under $30, making it a great gift that still leaves room to add some yarn or even a knitting book.

The orginal Everything Mary Knitting Tote (Only $19.99)


The New Everything Mary Blue Line:

Blue Knitting Tote ($19.99)


Blue Knitting Caddy ($27.99)


Blue Knitting Needle Case ($8.00)



Knitting can be an expensive hobby, but these are some of the most reasonably priced knitting accessories available and make fantastic gifts for the holidays, and even the knitting needle case could fit in one's Christmas stocking.

Stay tuned as we continue finding more thoughtful gifts for knitters from A to Z

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