DSC05668There is nothing sadder than a sick or injured knitter. Anything that keeps a knitter from their knitting is enough to make them miserable. Whether nursing a rough cold, a physical injury or recovering from having a baby it can be difficult to get a knitter to cheer up when they're ill. This is mainly because they can't do the thing that works so well to cheer them up. So your job, if you're buying a get well gift for a knitter is to provide them with a gift that allows them to enjoy knitting...without actually having to knit.



Knitting Books

You'd be surprised just how many knitting books there are out there and they are a treat for any and all knitters. They teach new techniques, offer a little knitting project eye candy and generally transport the knitter to a knitting fantasy-land where the world is all knitting, all the time.

Here are some knitting books that most any knitter will appreciate.


Knitting Magazines

The closest thing a knitter can do to knitting when he or she is too sick to knit is to read copious knitting magazines in the tub. This is can aid the healing process as well. Nothing can inspire speedy recovery in a knitter than the idea of a new knitting project and knitting magazines can and will inspire them to take their knitting to the next level.

> Read all about knitting magazines over at Knit Luck


Knitting-related Movies

If a knitter can't knit they might as well watch a movie about knitting, or somehow includes knitting. Here are a few available for sale for instant download from Amazon.

  • Great Expectations
  • Coraline
  • Babe
  • Lost in Translation
  • Chicago
  • Breakfast at Tiffany's
  • Girl Interrupted


Knitting Digital Tools

A tablet pc is one of the hottest gifts for knitters for 2013. Knitters can check out their favorite knitting blogs, log into ravelry to view patterns, read knitting magazines and even keep their favorite knitting patterns on them. This could translate into some serious extra space in your house.


If you need to make a sick knitter smile, these gifts will certainly do the trick!

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