addilaceIt can be a difficult task finding a great gift for a knitter, especially if you don't know how to knit yourself. The goal of Gifts For Knitters is to help folks like you find the best gifts for those who love to knit. Now, keep in mind, knitting is the craft that is done with two sticks. If your "knitter" is wielding a hook, then that person is actually someone who crochets, which is a totally different hobby. You can visit instead. 

If you are indeed looking for knitting related gifts, then read all over the site: you can learn how to think like a knitter here with How to Pick a Gift for a Knitter. You can get some ideas about non-knitting gifts by reading about Things Knitters Like. Or skip this part and read on. You'll find links to some of the most sought after knitting gifts that will please the knitter in your life for sure.

The photo on the left is a picture of a set of Addi Click interchangeable knitting needles, which is a favorite high end gift for any knitter. Knitters also love to receive knitting bags, yarn, knitting books, and other strange unexpected treats.

The Best Gifts for Knitters:

Knitting Bags

Knitters love to wear a stylish bag that also keeps their knitting projects organized. It's also a great vessel that you can use to hold a bunch of other fantastic knitting treats, like knitting magazines, knitting books or stitch markers. We've written about knitting bags in the following articles:


Interchangeable Knitting Needles

Having a reliable, well organized set of knitting needles make any knitter very happy. Interchangeable knitting needles are a complete set of knitting needles in every size that a knitter would need. The needles are interchangeable in that these are what's called "circular knitting needles" with detachable tips and cables that you can switch out according to your needs. Knitters love interchangeable knitting needles because they make finding the knitting needle they want when they want it easier and faster, plus many of these sets are well made using high quality materials. Knitting with a great pair of knitting needles enhances the knitting experience and helps your knitter complete projects faster. We've recommended many sets of interchangeable knitting needles from rosewood to bamboo to metal. Our favorite set is the Knitters Pride Royale edition from 2015.

TheKnitKitsmalThe Knit Kit

The knit kit is the best, TSA approved knitting notion set available on the market. Colorful, and all-in-one, it has everything you need for almost every knitting project when you're on the go. Some knitters have one in their knitting bag, one in their car and one for the house because it has so many useful things in it. Many a knitter has done important measurements using their Knit Kit. The best part? It's made in the USA now, so while it's a little more spendy than you'd think for a knitting tool, that money goes towards keeping jobs in the US of A. Plus, since it's TSA-approved you can take the darned thing on airplanes. 

Knitting Books

A knitter can never have too many knitting books. Each knitting book represents a new opportunity to learn a new skill and become a better knitter. Even if your knitter has a ton of books, you can't go wrong with the latest from one of their favorite designers, or on a type of knitting that they love to do. For instance there's a lot of knitters who hang on baited breath for the next book by Kaffe Fassett. Or if you notice that your knitter is knitting a lot of socks, purchase a recently published book of sock knitting patterns and they will be thrilled. 

 cashmereyarn2016smallCashmere Yarn

Cashmere is the cream of the crop yarn for knitters. It's the softest yarn you can find and the most expensive. Cashmere is so expensive that you usually find it as part of a blend in a ball of yarn. Rarely do you find 100% cashmere. If you do it's usually $40-$50 just for one fifty yard ball. You can still get the softness a knitter wants from a ball of yarn that contains a smaller percentage of cashmere. You have to be really careful ordering cashmere yarn on Amazon. There's a lot of yarn from Asia that says it contains cashmere, but really is just very soft acrylic. If the price is too low, then it's probably not cashmere. With cashmere it's best to stick with known brands because in the US, there are legal standards that yarn markers are required to follow to ensure that what a manufacturer puts on their label is actually what is in the yarn. 

Check out these known yarn brands that contain cashmere:

Debbie Bliss Cashmerino is 55% Merino, 33% microfiber, and 12% cashmere. Pianissimo is 80% merino and 20% cashmere, at a great price. 

How much yarn should you get for a gift for a knitter? Assuming dk, sport weight or worsted weight yarn (check the label or product description):

  • 2-3 balls will yield a cowl or hat
  • 3-4 balls will yield a scarf or short shawl
  • 5-8 balls for a large shawl
  • 12-16 for a sweater/cardigan

Unusual Gifts for Knitters 

Sometimes you don't want to get a totally knitting-oriented gift. The key with knitters is that they love the sensory experience of knitting. They like things that feel soft, they like things that smell nice, they like things with vibrant colors. Some of the things we've recommended in the past include supremely soft fuzzy blankets, candles, colorful notebooks and tea. If you're looking for even more ideas: here are a couple of Gifts for Knitters articles featuring unusual gift ideas for knitters with knitting inspired gifts and totally non-knitting gift ideas for knitters:


Any of these gift ideas for knitters should put you on the path to finding a thoughtful and helpful gift for the knitter you love. The knitter you love will thank you for it! If you're still confused about what to get a knitter for their birthday, Mother's Day, Father's Day or for Christmas or Hannukah check out our whole section of gift ideas by the season


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