One very affordable gift for knitters is the knitting project bag. Project Bags are different from Knitting Bags. Project bags hold individual knitting projects to keep them from getting tangled with other projects and supplies in your knitting bag. Knitters need multiple project bags for the many different projects they have going at the same time. There are different sized project bags for different kinds of projects. There are sock knitting bags that allow you to knit socks on the go and larger knitting bags for bigger projects like scarves and even bigger ones for large sweater projects.

Sock Project Bags


goknitsbagKnowKnits Bag

Best project bag for socks is the KnowKnits bag. These bags are made of nylon paracord string. You can wear the bag on your wrist so you can knit on the go (hence the name GoKnits).







dellaqprojectbagThe Della Q "Cheaper Than Therapy" Bag

This is a small drawstring bag for your knitting to carry their favorite knitting projects. Not as many bells and whistles as the KnowKnits Bag, but will still do the job.






dellaqrosemarybagThe Della Q Rosemary Bag

For someone who wants a little more style in their knitting project bag check out this small knitting tote from Della Q. It also features a wrist strap and a toggle closure.





rosettebagThe Lantern Moon Rosette Project Bag

This is another sweet knitting gift that would delight any knitter. This is probably the fanciest knitting project bag that you could use as a going out bag to hold a few goodies when you're going out for dinner.









laceprojectbagThe Lantern Moon Transparent Lace Project Bag

Lantern Moon makes another project bag with see-through lace so you can seewhich project is inside.

Knitting bags are always a fantastic gift for knitters at holiday time. Most knitters love to bring their knitting with them wherever they go and a well designed knitting bag can keep their knitting projects well organized and their knitting needles and notions right where they need them, when they need them. Even if your knitter already has a knitting bag, a back up one is always welcomed because most knitters have multiple projects going at the same time and some projects are better than others for different outings. It's always nice to have your knitting projects ready to go in your knitting bag. 


lenaknittingbag250Della Q Lena Knitting Bag

Della Q makes amazing silk and silk taffeta knitting bags. The Lena is one of their mid-size knitting bags, perfect for sweaters or a few scarf projects. Include some sock knitting in a project bag and you could fit more than one project in this bag. The Lena comes in five different striped colors including red, brown, seafoam, purple and ocean. It's one of the mid-priced bags as well. Some knitting bags sell for over $70, but the Lena Knitting Bag goes for $54.99.




dellaqagnesbag250The Della Q Agnes Knitting Bag

If you like the Lena, but don't love the circular handle, have no fear! The Agnes is just like the Lena, but has traditional handles for easy toting your knitting projects around. It even comes in the same colors as the Lena: red, brown, seafoam, purple and ocean. That said, this bag is much larger than the Lena and can carry even more knitting projects, patterns and supplies.




everythingmarytotesmallThe Everything Mary Knitting Yarn Tote

This is a steal of a bargain at only $20!!! It's a great bag for storing yarn, especially if you're using multiple colors in a stranded knitting project.





everythingmarycaddysmallThe Everything Mary Stand Up Yarn Organizer

Much like the Lantern Moon Uzu Fiber Bag, the Everything Mary Stand Up Yarn Organizer isn't so much a knitting bag as it's a stylish stand to hold your yarn and knitting supplies at home. These organizers allow you to store your yarn for easy access whenver you pick up or put down your knitting. 



monroebagcroppedThe Namaste Monroe Bag

Namaste is one of the most popular knitting bag producers around. Their bags are heavy duty and very durable. This is the kind of bag that you can take to work and only you will know that it also doubles as a knitting tote. A professional knitting bag for your favorite knitter.


Whether you're looking to spend a lot or a little on a holiday gift for your knitter, a knitting bag is a great gift to buy the knitter you love this holiday, 2014.


Jordana Paige is a knitter who designs knitting patterns and her own line of handbags. She has produced a long line of stylish knitting bags over the years, which have become a favorite handbag for knitters, especially those knitters with professional work lives who may not want everyone to know that they're carrying a knitting bag. Jordana Paige bags fit right in with the workplace with clean lines and trendy colors.

Her latest bag is the Cezanne, which is an envelope-style bag with little details especially for knitters (including a strap to keep your ball of yarn from getting tangled).

Comes in gray, bordeaux and orange.

Available at for $119

April is nearly here and that means that it's almost time for Mother's Day. Save yourself a little bit of sanity and get your Mother's Day gift buying out of the way now, especially if you have your own little ones to take care of. If your mother or mother in law is a knitter one thing they will definitely appreciate is a roomy knitting bag to carry all of their knitting projects, patterns and knitting notions. Lantern Moon makes an amazing selection of knitting bags providing jobs to women that continue the handmaking traditions of southeast Asia. Whether your mom needs a small knitting project bag to keep all of her tools for one project organized or she requires a large knitting bag to stylishly tote her knitting around Lantern Moon has a beautiful knitting bag for her.


uzubagClassic Uzu Knitting Bag

This is the classic Lantern Moon knitting bag, and one of the first products that they brought to market. Made of bamboo-like matting, with a frame that allows the bag to stand like a basket, this is a great knitting bag made from natural materials that any mother would love on Mother's Day. $54.95





lanternmoonyarnboxThe Lantern Moon Yarn Box

One of the biggest knitting pet peeves is when your ball of yarn goes rolling across the floor so that you have to stop knitting, get up and walk across the room to retrieve it. Yarn boxes keep your ball of yarn in place, allowing you to focus on your knitting -and keeps your yarn from getting tangled up in other things, like your cat (or dog). $32.50



latnernmoonurbandgardenbagThe Lantern Moon Urban Garden Knitting Bag

You may have noticed that it's difficult to find a black knitting bag. Most knitting bags come in bright colors and patterns which can be a big turn off for the knitter with minimalistic tastes. The Urban Garden Knitting bag features vinyl suede along with textured cotton for a fashionable dark knitting bag for the coolest knitter you know. $75.00






bluerosettebagBlue Rosette Knitting Project Bag

Sometimes you don't need a new knitting bag, but any knitter can use multiple knitting project bags to keep each individual knitting project organized. These bags keep your various knitting projects from getting tangled up in each other, saving you valuable time trying to untangle projects and saving you from having to cut yarn. This rosette bag is absolutely darling and could be used as a small tote while out for dinner. $26.00









lanternmoonhoboturquoiseLantern Moon Turquoise Hobo Knitting Bag

With all the ethnic themed patterns popular in home accessories, bedding, and fabric in 2014 it was only a matter of time before Lantern Moon busted out with a simple knitting bag with classic tribal patterns. This knitting bag is perfect for the young mom to store her favorite knitting project. $54.00

If these bags aren't your cup of tea, be sure to check out some of our other favorites here.

namastewalletWhat: The Namaste Wallet

Where: Jimmy Beans Wool online

Why: Namaste is one of the premier knitting bag makers, making quality cruelty-free handbags and wallets for knitters.

How much: Only $19.95 (normally $35)

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