Gift recommendations for the knitter you love

Sometimes it's time to spoil the knitter you love with a really big gift. A little something won't be enough, you really have to go the extra mile. Whether it's the holidays, Mother's Day or a birthday, there are some knitting products that will completely surprise the one you love, luxury knitting gifts that will take knitting to a whole other level. These are the kinds of presents that knitters dreams of giving to themselves.

lanternmoonrosewood22Lantern Moon Ebony or Rosewood Interchangeable Knitting Needles

Lantern Moon's interchagneable knitting needles aren't like any other set available. It's completely handmade using durable ebony or rosewood, with flexible connector cables, all in a beautiful silk carrying case. The set includes needle sizes 4 to 13 and four different cable lengths. 




atentibag2Atenti Knitting Bags

Atenti bags are some of the most sought after bags for knitters. While not exclusively designed with knitters in mind, the Atenti bags are soft, roomy and stylish, perfect for carrying one large project and a few smaller ones. 


Etsy Knitting Gift Basket

Go all out with a knitting gift basket from seller Mamasknittingneedles on Etsy. Full of knitting accessories, tea and chocolate your knitter will feel spoiled indeed. 


kpparisneedlesKnitters Pride Royale Interchangeable Knitting Needle Set

The Knitters Pride Royale is a set of wooden interchangeable knitting needles in a special gift box. Each wooden knitting needle is color coded according to size in a special Paris-inspired colorway.




madelinetoshvintage1MadelineTosh Yarns

Madeline Tosh yarns have been on the wish list of almost every knitter. They are painstakingly hand dyed for a unique mottled effect. A knitter won't always spoil themselves with this yarn becuase it can be pricey. From socks to sweaters some Madeline Tosh yarn will have your knitter casting on within moments of opening the gift.


dellaqpurplecase15Della Q Knitting Needle Case

It is not easy to store circular knitting needles. It doesn't take much for those needles to get all tangled up, which is why a large knitting needle case is a must-have for any knitter. Della Q's knitting needle cases feature colorful patterns, and plenty of slots for all of your knitters needles. 



soakyuzuSoak Wool Wash

Soak is a special wash just for knitters. Washing your knitting, aka "blocking" is an important part of the knitting process that locks in your stitches and ensures a professional look. Soak comes in a few subtle scents to add another sense experience to your knitting. 

Knitters love any gift that helps them enjoy their favorite hobby. Spending the time to find a special knitting gift, when you're not a knitter yourself is a great way to go the extra mile to show your knitter some love at gift-giving times.



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