eucalangetawaygangSo many knitting items can be categorized as stocking stuffers. Knitting notion kits, project bags and skeins of yarn can fit nicely into your knitter's holiday stocking, but what are some of the more interesting unusual things that would delight a knitter on Christmas Day?

Eucalan Wool Wash - Getaway Gang

When knitters spend so much time and care hand knitting their beloved projects you can bet that they will take that same love and care to choose a soap to clean those cherished handknits. Eucalan Wool Wash is an old favorite of knitters and they have recently come out with new scents which you can try in their handy Getaway Gang kit.

Small enough to fit perfectly into a holiday stocking, the kit, which retails only $14.29 on Amazon contains six mini packets of Eucalan meant for traveling as well as their mini wipes which have saved many a handknit from an unexpected spill stain. The perfect gift for the  knitter on the road, it also contains a mini sewing kit, nail file to keep your knitter prepared.

theknitkit200The Knit Kit

We will never stop mentioning the Knit Kit, It has all of the notions you need in a tiny package that will surprise your knitter when they pull it from their stocking.

Chibi Set

A Chibi is a little tapestry needle holder and they are made by Clover in Japan. This sweet little set which contains three tapestry needles will ensure that your knitter can weave in her yarn ends.

Ball of Cashmere

You want to see a knitter ooo and ahh at the holidays? Buy a skein of cashmere. We love the Pepperberry Knits Cashmere, which is plied in Idaho and provides a strong and soft knitted hand. One skein is enough to knit a lucious hat that your knitter will adore for years to come.

Small Knitting Book

The Yarn Harlot books are all small enough to hide more than one or two in a holiday stocking.

Fancy Scissors from Bagsmith

There are scissors and there are scissors. Bagsmith is the distributor of exquisite French embroidery scissors. They may be pricey, but they are scissors that will be treasured for years if not generations.

knittersprideshawlpinShawl Pins from Knitters Pride

Who knew that Knitters Pride, the interchangeable knitting needle company also made shawl pins? They have a small selection of wooden shawl pins that will help your knitter keep even the smallest shawlette on their shoulders.

Sock Blockers from Knitters Pride

What the heck are sock blockers and why would anyone need any? If your knitter is a sock knitter the only way to get a nice traditional finished sock shape is to use a sock blocker. When a knitter is finishing knitting a pair of socks, they place the socks on the sock blockers and wash the socks in wool wash (see the Eucalan wool wash above). Once the socks dry on the blockers, they come out even better than machine made socks.

That completes our list of great stocking stuffers for knitters for 2013. Stay tuned for more gift recommendations for knitters!

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