swirl2Sometimes you don't want to buy yarn and needles as a gift for a knitter. That would be the obvious gift, the easy way out. Besides you may not know enough about yarn to even understand what you're buying. That said, you still want to get a fantastic gift that will appeal to the knitter in your life even if it's not knitting-related. So what kinds of things do knitters like? Without getting all scientifical with surveys there are a few safe assumptions that you can make.

Think about what your knitter enjoys about the process of knitting. Some knitters love knitting for the soft textures. Some knitters love to be able to manipulate a color through knitting. Some like the mental and physical challenge of following a complicated pattern. These preferences can clue you in on other things your knitter might enjoy.

What do knitters like anyway?

1) Knitters love color

You have to enjoy certain colors enough to not get sick of them when you're knitting or else you will never finish a project. When picking any gift for your knitter check out their yarn stash to see what colors they enjoy. Even if they prefer to knit only black they have to like that color enough to knit with it.

2) Knitters love texture

Knitting provides you the opportunity to touch and feel a variety of textures. The softest of wools, shiny silks, and crunchy cottons. How each of these  fibers take up color adds dimension to the sensory experience of knitting.

3) Knitters appreciate the handmade

When you spend months of your life knitting a single project, knitting and ripping out to make it perfect you come to value anything made by hand.

4) Knitters appreciate good quality

If there's one thing to avoid in a gift for a knitter it's anything low quality. That isn't to say that you have to spend a ton of money, but the money you do spend should be on something well-made, durable and useful.

5) Knitters enjoy anything that makes their environments cozier.

Knitting is an activity that one typically does at home, though knitters do take their knitting traveling and to their local yarn shops, the lionshare of knitting happen at home. As such, many knitters take pains to make their houses comfortable, filling them with their handknits and other crafts. Thoughtful homewares such as frames, candles, pillows, bedding, and soaps make excellent gifts for knitters.

6) Some knitters like to express their geekier obsessions through knitting and crochet

Is your knitter obsessed with certain tv shows, games or movies? There's a whole contingent of knitters obsessed with Dr. Who, Lord of the Rings, Adventure Time and more. If your knitter is making geek-related hand knits, you may want to find gifts that tap into that.

Of course these things may not true of all knitters, but when it comes to gift giving, knowing your knitter can go a long way towards finding them the right gift this holiday season.

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